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Paxton Cover

Here's what some of our customers say about our support:


"Your support line is probably the best I have ever experienced across many platforms of software I have previously used."

Alistair Welford - Nicodemus Trust (Trustee)



"I have always found Paxton support services helpful and always able to answer the few problems I have had. The regular upgrades are appreciated."

Bernard Kerr - Briggswath & Sleights Methodist Church



"We have found the support to be very instant. Always at the end of the phone, to help with the issues we may have."

Louise Potter - Home-Start Suffolk Coastal



"As a non-accountant I have needed to ask some quite basic questions but these have been answered promptly and patiently."

Peter Smith - Trinity Baptist Church

As with any software package, the availability of a good after sales support service is vital, and Paxton will not let you down.


Paxton Cover is our support and maintenance service that provides you with the following:


Paxton Support Desk


Access to the Paxton Support Desk in the event of a technical query relating to the implementation of the package.

Free Upgrades


You will be entitled to free upgrades to new versions of the package including any necessary data conversion.


Free Upgraded Reports


Updates as required to the SOFA, Balance Sheet, Receipts & Payments or Assets & Liabilities reports should the Charity Commission change their requirements.

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