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Look at these compelling reasons to move to Paxton....

          Proper multi-fund   



This is not a ‘make do’ version of a general accounting package, this is the real thing for charities. Reassure your funders and give peace of mind to your trustees by doing things properly with true multi-fund accounting and budgeting.  Produce reports, including balance sheet, income & expenditure and budget variance for any fund or selected funds or for all funds consolidated.  Know how much money any fund has available at any time.

           Proper donations 



Full donor and donation management facilities are a standard feature of all packages in the range.  Donation processing is not a facility available in commercial accounting systems and so start doing things properly with Paxton.  Donations received via standing orders, cheques, cash or bank transfers with or without Gift Aid can be easily entered. The HMRC Small Donor Scheme including Community Buildings processing are accommodated.

          Proper gift aid recording and


Again, this is a facility not available in commercial systems.  The Paxton packages simply take care of Gift Aid for you and enable claims to HMRC via Charities Online or paper to be made as often as required.  Donor statements for personal tax purposes showing donation turnover can be produced for any individual on demand.

          Charity commission year

          end reporting         


SORP compliant reports are available on demand.  These include the SOFA and Charity Commission Balance Sheet when running in accruals mode or the Charity Commission Receipts & Payments and Assets & Liabilities reports when running in receipts and payments mode.  You do nothing for these as the figures are automatically accumulating as transactions are entered.

Also, for those organisations that also need to produce an Annual Return, the package produces conventional Balance Sheet and Income & Expenditure reports.

          Auto balancing funds  



The package ensures that all transactions within a fund are balanced at all times. 

Produce 'on demand' reports of income & expenditure, budgets etc. for any individual fund, group of funds or the consolidated charity. Also know exactly how much money each fund has got at any time.

          Single integrated package



As full accounting facilities, the package includes donations bookings, standing orders, Gift Aid, purchase ledger, budgets, Charity Commission reporting and, optionally, sales ledger invoicing, projects and foreign currencies. This is your chance to get rid of some of those spreadsheets and eliminate duplication.


          (grows with you)


As your charity grows from receipts and payments to an accruals based system, from non VAT to VAT registered, from single user to multi user, the package remains the same. With Paxton, there's no need to change systems or retrain operators.




The advanced technologies used by Paxton eliminate the danger of losing data in the event of a system problem. No more restoring back to yesterday or re-keying the mornings work.

          Ease of use



The clarity of its data entry screens and report content enables operators to readily understand the system. However, in those moments of need, the amazing active HELP facility is just one click away.

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