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Product Details 


The Paxton Charities Accounting SALES option is suitable for you if your organisation regularly provides goods and/or services to cash or credit customers. The package includes the full facilities of the BASIC package plus sales ledger and invoicing. Accounts can be created for individual customers or indeed collective accounts such as ‘cash sales’. Invoices, credit notes and payments can then be booked against the specific sales accounts. When running accruals accounts, credit can be taken by specific customers and customer statements, a debtors list and unpaid invoice lists can be produced.

A standard product file can be created for saleable items, fees charged, room rentals or various charity services with product codes, descriptions, costs and prices. These can be used to generate printed invoices and to book to your analysis accounts at the same time. Free text entry of descriptions and prices is also permitted. Fractional quantities, for example 1.25 hours of time charged, are allowed. When sales are invoiced from the standard product file, the sales analysis and product turnover reports allow you to track your performance. There are also customer turnover and transaction reports. Income will be analysed to your account analysis codes, indeed you can set these against the product codes, but you will also know where the income came from or, with accruals, if money is still owed.

If you want to have your sales invoices, credit notes, statements or remittance advices customised with your charity logo, we are able to do this for you.

You can upgrade from the BASIC package to the SALES package without losing any of your existing Paxton Charities data.


  • Income & expenditure bookings

  • Receipts and payments bookings

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Fund transfers

  • Cross fund distributions

  • Journal/Adjustment bookings

  • Store and recall facility

  • Purchase ledger

  • Comprehensive enquiries


  • Sales ledger with invoice, credit note and payment bookings

  • Customer statements

  • Invoice generation using product file price and description or free entry lines

  • Sales analysis with continuous or year on year reporting

  • Customer and product turnover lists


  • Multiple budget maintenance

  • Global budget creation

  • Budget detail reports

  • Budget profiles maintenance

  • Fund level or consolidated variance reporting

Donations &

Gift Aid

  • Donor maintenance

  • Donation bookings either ad-hoc or from standing orders

  • Donations analysis

  • Donations audit list

  • Gift Aid claims including by Charities Online


  • Charity Commission reports

  • Fund level or consolidated reports

  • Audit and transaction reports

  • On screen report previews

  • Export to spreadsheets and other formats

  • Report cataloguing

  • Integrated help

  • Access controls

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