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There are two versions of Paxton Church Accounting, Standard and PRO, and you can run both of then on a PC or on the Cloud.


The Standard package includes full multi fund accounting for income and expenditure, purchase ledger, budgets, donation bookings including standing orders, Gift Aid management with claims via HMRC Charities Online and Charity Commission SORP compliant reporting. The package allows both receipts and payments and accruals accounting methods. A specific facility is provided to ensure that transfers between funds are under strict control. There are no restrictions on the number of accounts or funds that you can use. Reports can be produced for any individual fund, combination of funds or for all funds consolidated.  


The PRO package provides you with the complete, professional accounting facility. It includes all facilities of the Standard package plus billings, sales ledger, project accounting and foreign currency processing. Invoices can either be generated directly by the package or booked to the appropriate credit or cash customer if generated by some other means. If generated by the package then a price file allows standard descriptions and prices to be held for inclusion. As well as funds reporting, the projects facilities allow financial reporting and budgeting on projects within a fund or even across multiple funds. The foreign currency facility allows foreign bank accounts, donations, funds, projects, customers and suppliers to be maintained. Accruals accounting method only.



Multi Fund

Nominal Accounts Ledger

Purchase Ledger


Donations & Gift Aid

Receipts & Payments

Accruals Accounting

Sales Ledger

Invoicing & Price File

Foreign Currency

Project Analysis

Project Budgets

Charity Commission Reports

VAT Processing

HELP Module

Set Up Guide

Price from:

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£250 + VAT

£460 + VAT

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