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Paxton Church Accounting Standard

The Paxton Church Accounting Standard package provides a range of facilities tailored to the specific accounting needs of churches. If you require a sales ledger, invoicing, foreign currency or project processing then you should explore the PRO package.


-  Income & expenditure bookings

-  Receipts and payments bookings

-  Bank reconciliation

-  Fund transfers

-  Cross fund distributions

-  Journal/Adjustment bookings

-  Store and recall facility

-  Purchase ledger

-  Comprehensive enquiries


-  Multiple budget maintenance

-  Global budget creation

-  Budget detail reports

-  Budget profiles maintenance

-  Fund level or consolidated  

   variance reporting

One of the basic requirements of Charity Commission reporting is that the accounts data distinguishes between money that can be spent on anything and money that can only be used for restricted purposes. This package has a general fund that is completely free of restrictions and then handles as many further designated/unrestricted, restricted and endowment funds as you require. It ensures that each fund balances in its own right whether your income and expenditure places you under accruals accounting or gives you the less complex option of receipts and payments reporting.



This is not what occurs with cost centres in regular commercial packages, which can make it challenging to keep your fund accounting straight using them. The total value of fund transfers should always be zero. Paxton Church Accounting has a special fund transfers facility to ensure this.



Paxton Church Accounting report facilities allow you to report on any individual fund, group of funds or on all funds consolidated. Furthermore you can produce receipts and payments (or income and expenditure for accruals accounting) reports using your own categories and analysis account selections, as well as in the format required for the Charity Commission. There is no need to have different analysis accounts for all your different funds as within a particular account it is always possible to isolate the transactions for any given fund and to find the balance on an account that is attributable to a particular fund.



There are no restrictions on the number of accounts that you can use. All reports can be exported to other standard formats such as PDF or to spreadsheets.



If you are not VAT registered, you will be untroubled by VAT fields that are not of interest to you.



Paxton Church Accounting has multi-user facilities and can be run over a network.

Donations &

Gift Aid

-  Donor maintenance

-  Donation bookings either ad-hoc

   or from standing orders

-  Donations analysis

-  Donations audit list

-  Gift Aid claims including by  

   Charities Online


-  Charity Commission reports

-  Fund level or consolidated reports

-  Audit and transaction reports

-  On screen report previews

-  Export to spreadsheets and other


-  Report cataloguing

-  Integrated help

-  Access controls

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