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Paxton Church Accounting PRO


-  Income & expenditure bookings

-  Bank reconciliation

-  Fund transfers

-  Cross fund distributions

-  Journal / Adjustment bookings

-  Store and recall facility

-  Purchase ledger

-  Comprehensive enquiries


-  Sales ledger with invoice, credit

   note and payment bookings

-  Customer statements

-  Invoice generation using product

   file price and description or free

   entry lines

-  Sales analysis with continuous or

   year on year reporting

-  Customer and product turnover lists


-  Charity Commission reports

-  Fund level or consolidated


-  Audit and transaction reports

-  On screen report previews

-  Export to spreadsheets and other


-  Report cataloguing

-  Integrated help

-  Access controls

The Paxton Church Accounting PRO package provides a comprehensive range of facilities tailored to the specific accounting needs of churches, including all the Standard features as well as a sales ledger, invoicing, foreign currency and project processing.


Sales accounts for cash and credit customers can be created and set for processing in any currency.  Invoices, credit notes and payments can then be booked against the specific sales accounts. Credit can be taken by specific customers and customer statements, a debtors list and unpaid invoice lists can be produced.


A standard product file can be created for saleable items, fees charged, room rentals, etc. with product codes, descriptions, costs and prices. These can be used to generate printed invoices and to book to your analysis accounts at the same time. Free text entry of descriptions and prices is also permitted. Fractional quantities, for example 1.25 hours of time charged, are allowed. When sales are invoiced from the standard product file, the sales analysis and product turnover reports allow you to track your performance.


You can use as many foreign currencies as you wish and specific money accounts, purchase accounts, sales accounts, funds and projects can be set to be in foreign currency. Reports and enquiries for these accounts are available in foreign or base currency, as both booking values remain fully available. Currency gains and losses are automatically calculated if you alter the exchange rates you use between invoicing and payment or can be forced through the use of the revaluation facility. Separate debtors and creditor control accounts can be established for each foreign currency if you wish and foreign currency prices can be set for products.


Projects provide a means of analysing your income and expenditure on specific activities/projects inter or intra fund. You can track the income for a particular project whether it is in the form of a grant or generated revenue and monitor the expenditure a project incurs. This information is then available in a project enquiry facility and from project income and expenditure and transaction list reports. Individual project budgets can be set against one or more funds and the usage of those budgets and the variation of actual income and expenditure from that budgeted can be reported upon. These project budgets are set independently of your overall general accounting budgets.


You can upgrade from the STANDARD package to the PRO package without losing any of your existing Paxton data.

Foreign Currency

-  Fully integrated into accounts bookings

-  Foreign currency money accounts,

   customers, suppliers, funds & projects

-  Currency revaluation

-  Donations audit list

-  Foreign and base currency reporting

Donations &

Gift Aid

-  Donor maintenance

-  Donation bookings either ad-hoc

   or from standing orders

-  Donations analysis

-  Donations audit list

-  Gift Aid claims including by

   Charities Online


-  Budgets

-  Income & Expenditure analysis

-  Project enquiry

-  Transaction lists

-  Budget usage & variance


-  Multiple budget maintenance

-  Global budget creation

-  Budget detail reports

-  Budget profiles maintenance

-  Fund level or consolidated

   variance reporting

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