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Just Look at this Support Cover !


As with any software package, the availability of a good after sales support service is important and Paxton will not let you down in this area either. Paxton Cover is an annual support and maintenance service that provides the following benefits:-

Support Services

Online Paxton Charities Support Database

Access to the online Paxton Charities Support database that contains a comprehensive list of support queries with suggested solutions. This service is available at all times via the website.

Paxton Support Desk

Access to the Paxton Support Desk in the event of a technical query relating to the implementation of the package.

​Free Upgrades

Free upgrades to new versions of the package including any necessary data conversion.

Free Upgraded Reports

Free upgrades to relevant report programs within the package should the Charity Commission change the format of the SOFA, Balance Sheet, Receipts & Payments or Assets & Liabilities reports.

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