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The UK's leading accounting software for charities

As a treasurer or trustee of a small to medium sized charity, you’ll be more than aware of the more demanding accounting standards and changing reporting requirements that charities are more frequently being expected to meet.


Thankfully, Paxton Charities Accounting is here to help you.


Whether you want to run your accounts software on a standalone PC, across a PC network, or on the Cloud from anywhere via a web browser, Paxton Charities Accounting provides you with the tools required to do your job, with the back-up of brilliant documentation, comprehensive video tutorials, and a friendly support desk if you do get stuck.


Here are just a few of the things our software can help you with:



  • Proper charity multi fund accounting 

  • Donations management 

  • HMRC Charities Online Gift Aid claims

  • Inter fund transfers 

  • Budgets with variance reporting

  • Charity Commission SORP 2015 compliant reporting 


You can move across to Paxton Charities Accounting at any time in your accounting year, so don't delay, now is the time to move away from spreadsheets and 'make do' commercial packages.


With Paxton, you’re in good hands.  Since 1979, we have developed and supplied the accountancy software to a multitude of organisations, including a wide range of charities, churches and companies, as well as writing the definitive software system for service funds accounting within The Royal Marines and The British Army.  We have an enviable reputation for supplying quality, innovative, business software to the public, private and not for profit sectors.


From only £250  (+VAT)

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