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Charities Accounting Software on the Cloud or on your PC

As accounting standards and reporting requirements become more demanding, this superb accounting software provides
charity treasurers and trustees with the perfect facility.  Whether running on a local PC, PC network, or on the cloud from anywhere via a web browser, Paxton Charities Accounting provides those particular things that make accounting for charities so different to regular commercial accounting.

Four BIG reasons why changing to Paxton could make a difference ...

      Time Saved


Your time is precious.  Our software provides an all-in-one facility for charity bookkeepers.  No more duplication of entries between spreadsheets or messy adjustments in 'make do' commercial packages.

      Peace of mind for you and your Trustees


How much money has each fund got left? Which funds have overspent their budgets?  How are we doing on fundraising?  Our software can answer these questions on demand.  Just knowing the financial position at any time enables proper decisions to be made.

      Claiming Gift Aid is simple


Complete facilities are standard for donations and Gift Aid management including standing orders, weekly gifts, ad-hoc bookings, Gift Aid Small Donations scheme, Community Buildings and Sponsorship. Our packages are compliant with HMRC Charities Online and will produce the files needed to upload and claim Gift Aid.


      Take the Worry out of Year End


With Charity Commission SORP compliant reporting and company management reporting with full audit trails available as required, the system dramatically reduces the year end trauma for regular charities, churches and CICs.


All the Paxton packages conform to the new Charity Commission SORP 2015 reporting requirements.

Paxton Charities Online

Now Available

SORP 2015 Compliant

Run your charity accounts online from any device on any platform.

From only £250


Moving across to Paxton can be performed at any time in your accounting year, so don't delay, now is the time to move away from spreadsheets and 'make do' commercial packages.

The UK's leading accounting software for charities


As accounting standards and reporting requirements become more demanding, this superb range of accounting packages from Paxton provides treasurers and trustees of small and medium sized charities with the perfect facility.


After many years involvement in the charities sector and consultation with the Charity Commission, Paxton has developed its Charities Accounting software range specifically for the third sector. Charities accounting is more complex than regular commercial accounting and so the Paxton range includes those particular facilities required to maintain proper charity accounts.


Since 1986, Paxton has developed and supplied the definitive software system for service funds accounting within The Royal Marines and The British Army. The company has acquired an enviable reputation for supplying quality, innovative, business software to both the public and the private sector.

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