Training - For Existing Users

Consultancy & training for existing users


If you have been using Paxton for a while then you may find one of the following sessions listed opposite of value.


Further consultancy and training sessions are available either at Paxton or at your premises. Typically, this may arise where you have a new treasurer or book-keeper or where you need to introduce new or revised procedures or where you have upgraded to a higher version of the package or where you wish to revise your accounts structure.


If you wish to order or discuss further any of these items then call Paxton on 01234 216666 or email sales.


All prices exclude VAT.



           Getting the best out of the package


During this session your operating and reporting procedures will be audited and improvements suggested and, if appropriate, implemented.


This is a 3 hour session at Paxton offices in Bedford either from 09:30am or from 2:00pm.


Available for one or two persons.


Price : £250 + VAT

           Day session at Paxton


Location: Paxton offices in Bedford from 10:00am to 4:00pm. 


Available for one or two persons.


Price : £400 + VAT


            3 hour session


Location: Paxton offices in Bedford either from 09:30am or from 2:00pm. 


Available for one or two persons.

Price : £250 + VAT

           Day session at your premises


Location: At your premises from 10:00am to 4:00pm. 


Available for up to three persons.


Price : £500 + VAT and travel expenses