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Conversion Process

Moving to Paxton Church Accounting is EASY!


Moving across to Paxton can be performed at any time in your accounting year and is very straightforward. The package is supplied complete with instruction booklets and a brilliant, on-screen HELP facility.  The booklets provide full step by step instructions on setting up your database for accruals or receipts and payments use.  The package includes sample charts of accounts that can be modified if required. Input programs facilitate the initial entry of opening balances.  The unique, integrated HELP module provides on-screen guidance including narrated, active ‘drive throughs’ of most programs enabling you to implement the package yourself in your own time.

Additional Services


Data Import


If you have spreadsheets of donors, sales and purchase accounts, or product information that you do not wish to key in, then we are able to import this data for you.



Report Customisation


If you want to have your sales invoices, credit notes, statements or remittance advices customised with your church logo, we are able to do this for you as well.  


Please call Paxton if you wish to discuss either of these additional services.

Paxton's brilliant HELP module

Our packages come complete with a comprehensive HELP module. As well as providing you with an integrated user guide and discussion topics, the module provides narrated walkthroughs of most menu selections and driving instructions.

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