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Proper church accounting ....

     ....  not 'make do' commercial software

Donations and Gift Aid

Multi Funds


SORP Reporting

Donations, offerings and tithes very often make up the largest volume of bookkeeping transactions.  Every week these include standing orders, envelopes, the plate and, of course, Gift Aid.




As well as analysis reporting, the package outputs your HMRC claim spreadsheet.

Income & expenditure booking for events, wedding fees, bookstall, hall hire, investments,etc. and for the various restricted and designated funds - men's group, women's guild, youth club, lunch club, building fund, etc, etc..




With clear multi fund reporting from catalogued templates at the click of a button.

Full budgeting facilities for each fund with variance and remainder reporting provide an important means of safeguarding against overspending.  Rapid budget generation from historic actual or previous budget figures. 




Instant variance reporting by fund, group of funds or for all funds consolidated.


As well as day to day reconciliation and status reporting, the financial statements required for the trustees and elders meetings can provide a daunting challenge.  Well, let the Paxton package create these for you.




And, of course, the year end returns can also be difficult and time consuming to produce. 

About Paxton


Paxton is a well established software development company based in Rushden, Northants, and has gained an enviable reputation for the functionality and resilience of its accounting packages. 


The company is an approved developer of software for HM Government and supplies the service funds system in use throughout The British Army and The Royal Marines.

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