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Now including:

✓  Gift Aid claims via HMRC Charities Online
✓  Gift Aid Small Donor Scheme processing
✓  Revised sponsorship claims

As accounting standards and reporting requirements become more and more demanding, this superb, low cost range of accounting packages from Paxton provides church treasurers with the perfect facility.   The management of multiple funds, donations, Gift Aid and Charity Commission registration have added extra levels of complexity to the treasurers workload.

All packages in the range include full facilities for :-
  Envelope, standing order and ad-hoc donations
  Gift Aid claims via Charities On-line or paper
  Gift Aid Small Donations and Community Buildings
  Receipts & payments and accruals accounting
  Multi bank account reconciliation
  Multi fund processing and reporting
  Budgets with variance reporting
  Set up and procedures guides
  Comprehensive context sensitive help module

The Paxton system has been developed specifically for churches and charities.  Standard commercial packages do not have the required facilities for church and charity use and spreadsheets are too prone to error and difficult to use.  The procedural nature of the Paxton software will simplify the book-keeping process and enable delegation of operation and continuity to future treasurers.

Since its formation in 1979, Paxton has gained an enviable reputation for supplying quality, innovative accounting software to the public, private and third sectors.  Packages include the definitive service funds accounting system for The Royal Marines and The British Army.


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